Life is a Contact Sport, Gear Up!

Posted by CooperVision on Thursday, April 15, 2010

CooperVision’s Contact Sports program kicks off today with the launch of a dedicated teen website – Teens are all about choice and independence. We want to provide them with the opportunity to perform at their best during sports and extracurricular activities – when sometimes wearing glasses can get in the way of success.

What Contact Sports is All About:
• Dedicated Teen Website –
• Gear Up Grants – CooperVision is giving away ten $2,500 grants to teens across the country for new gear (sports equipment, performance gear). Check out for details and how to enter!
• Teen Spokespeople – Heather O’Reilly (professional soccer player) and Daniel Dhers (professional BMX bike rider) are on board to help us spread the word about contact lenses and sports.
• Partnerships with and the National High School Coaches Association will help us spread the word about Gear Up Grants.
• Social Media – engaging teens in the world they live in. Check out what CooperVision is doing in social media: (for Eye Care Professionals) and (for Patients)

Practitioners, check out the site for marketing support to help you launch this program in your office, including a patient email template, press release template for fitting guide event, local media outreach kit, and much more.

Parents, check out the Info for Parents section of the teen website for information about CooperVision, contact lens rebates and offers, and tips to share with your teen when discussing contact lenses.

Life is a contact sport, Gear Up!

Social Media Quick Start Guide for Eye Care Professionals

Posted by CooperVision on Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Social media is everywhere lately, and a lot of businesses are using it to communicate with their customers. But how do you use it? What channels are best for your business? It can be confusing and overwhelming. CooperVision's Social Media Quick Start Guide for Eye Care Professionals addresses these questions and more. This guide will break down what social media is, why it is valuable to YOUR business, and will also provide an overview of four popular social media platforms and how they can be helpful in building your practice. Specific platforms addressed in this guide include Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and SEO (search engine optimization). Log In or Register to access the guide.

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Take the Proclear EP Challenge!

Posted by Doug Brayer on Thursday, April 8, 2010

In honor of Presybopia Awareness month, we encourage you to actively fit the growing number of presbyopes in your practice with multifocal lenses.  There is no better way to introduce your emerging presbyopes to a multifocal lens than with Proclear EP. We’re so confident about Proclear EP and the success you will have fitting it that we’re offering the Proclear EP Fitting Guarantee. Log In or Register to read more!

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High Tech Contact Lenses? Part 2

Posted by Harvard Sylvan, OD on Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What do stents, catheters, and contact lenses have in common?  As one is metal, one is rubber and one is made from a combination of water and plastic, there wouldn’t appear to be any similarities.  So, what exactly do they have in common?  To perform properly, they all need protection from protein deposits.  Stents and catheters need protection against proteins found in blood plasma and contact lenses need protection from deposits formed by protein in tears.

There are two things to which all contact lens wearers can relate – dryness and discomfort due to deposits on lenses and lenses becoming dryer as the day progresses.  Fortunately, there is a contact lens material that is very resistant to both protein deposits (the most common type) and dehydration.   The material is PC hydrogel and CooperVision’s PC hydrogel material is the only one that has FDA clearance to be labeled as ‘may provide improved comfort for contact lens wearers who experience mild discomfort or symptoms relating to dryness during lens wear (non-Sjorgen’s only)’.

Interestingly, this material was not developed by a contact lens company, it was created by a biotech company that was looking to develop a material that was very resistant to protein deposits for devices associated with cardiology (stents, catheters, guide wires, etc.).  Those devices come into contact with blood plasma which contains a significantly higher amount of protein than do tears.  A material was created by incorporating PhosphorylCholine (hence ‘PC’) which is a part of the human cell membrane.  Protein does not stick to our cells in part because of PC.  When incorporated into these medical devices there was a significant reduction in the amount of protein deposits that formed.  The biotech company started looking for other objects that needed protection from protein deposits and realized that contact lenses were an ideal choice.  A new material was developed that incorporated PC and was called PC hydrogel.

Not only did PC hydrogel lenses have excellent resistance to protein deposits, the lenses were found to be very resistant to drying out.  Although this was not why the material was developed, it has become the main advantage.  

PC hydrogel lenses are available for virtually every vision correction.  Even with the increasing popularity of silicone hydrogel lenses, PC hydrogel lenses are still a viable, and often preferred, option.  The material is unique because it attracts and binds water to keep lenses moist all day, translating into long wearing comfort for you. 

PC hydrogel lenses are not approved for overnight wear.  If you do not plan on sleeping with your lenses on and want a lens that does not dry out easily, has minimal deposits and provides long wearing comfort each day, ask your eye care provider for lenses made with PC hydrogel material, such as the line of Proclear lenses from CooperVision. Welcome to the biotech world!

Mini Marketing Series: Advertising Your Practice with Facebook?

Posted by Garth Bradley on Thursday, April 1, 2010

As I’m sure you know, more and more people are participating in social networks online with Facebook leading the pack with over 400,000,000 active users. It’s simply incredible – that’s more people than we have as U.S. citizens. Why not get started advertising on Facebook? Log in or Register to read how.

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