Finding the right contact lens for you

Posted by CooperVision on Wednesday, December 21, 2011
It is hard to know where to start when choosing a contact lens.  CooperVision would like to suggest using the Find a Lens tool on our website. Simply answer a few questions about your basic eye condition, then enter in your name and contact information.  Once you submit the quick assessment you will be provided with a suggested lens! You will also see a list of local practitioners; feel free to use this as a reference if you do not already have a local eye care practitioner.  We encourage you to read about the features that your suggested lens offers or about our various families of lenses at CooperVision by clicking here.  Be sure to schedule an appointment with your eye care practitioner as soon as possible to be fitted with your new lenses. 

Post to your Facebook Fan page on the Go

Posted by CooperVision on Thursday, December 15, 2011

There are currently over 800 million active Facebook users.  Of those 800 million, almost half access Facebook on a mobile device.* Mobile posting will allow postings to be more spontaneous and original, which may allow the personality of your practice to shine through on your wall.  Fans may be more inclined to interact with a mobile post because of its uniqueness.  Posting photos on your mobile device is simple and highly recommended; whether it is a photo of a hard-working optician, a new frame line, new technology in the office or a fun holiday photo.  Interaction is important when it comes to the credibility of your page, keep this in mind when posting.  Surprisingly posting to your fan page wall on a mobile Facebook app is often times confusing.  There is an easier way to post to your Facebook fan page! Follow the steps below to post to your Facebook fan page using your mobile device (you will need an email-capable device):

  1. You will first need to retrieve an assigned email address from your Facebook business page. 
    1. To do this go to your Facebook fan page, click the grey “edit page” button located in the top right hand side of your page.
    2. Click on the “Mobile” option in the list of options on the left hand side of your browser.                                                                                                  
    3. Save the listed email address under the “With Mobile Email” section into your contacts for future posting.
  2. Compose an email to the saved email address.
  3. Enter the status you would like to have published to your wall into the subject section of the email, be sure leave the body of the email blank.  Attach a photo to the email if you wish to post a photo to the wall of your page.  Please note that many phones will allow you to email a photo straight from your image library, you may do this; just be sure to include a caption in the subject line of the drafted email.
  4. Send the email to the saved address and you have successfully posted to your page via mobile device!

*According to Facebook Statistics, there are over 800 million users worldwide on the social network.  Over 350 million users are accessing Facebook via mobile devices (11/11).

December is Safe Toys and Gifts Month

Posted by CooperVision on Tuesday, December 13, 2011

We at CooperVision would like to remind everyone that December is “Safe Toys and Gifts Month”.  It is important to keep children’s safety in mind when Holiday shopping; be sure to follow the tips listed below when purchasing gifts for children: 

  • Always follow age recommendations when purchasing gifts for children.
  • Keep the ages of younger siblings in mind when choosing a gift, always air on the side of caution when there are younger siblings in the household. ¹
  • Choose toys that may inspire creativity and imagination; these toys will make learning fun.
  • Select toys and gifts that encourage visual development; this will build a child’s spatial awareness.¹

Here are some last minute gift ideas listed by age group recommended by that are considered eye-friendly and will help build visual awareness:

Please visit the American Optometric Association for more tips and suggestions on Safe Toys and Gifts ideas!


Refresh your view with a free trial of Biofinity lenses.

Posted by CooperVision on Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Looking for that “I can’t wait to put my contacts in” feeling? Look no further!  CooperVision’s Biofinity lenses are made from Aquaform Comfort Science Technology for luxurious comfort.  Click here for a free trial of Biofinity lenses to indulge your sense of sight this holiday season. 

CooperVision’s Biofinity line is available in three different lenses: Biofinity, Biofinity Toric, and Biofinity Multifocal. Whether you are looking for that comfortable lens to wear for sharper vision, astigmatism correction, or for perfect vision at any distance CooperVision’s Biofinity line has a lens for you.

Print out our free trial* certificate and bring it with you to your next visit to your eye care practitioner. To find a practitioner nearest you please click here.

*By prescription only. Eye exam may be required and this coupon does not include eye exam or fitting fees.

Indulge yourself with the luxurious wear of Biofinity; available now with your flexible spending account dollars!

Posted by CooperVision on Thursday, December 1, 2011

It’s that time of year again; time to be sure that you’re getting the most out of your flexible spending account dollars!  With the holiday season in full swing we tend to forget about those flex spending account dollars, CooperVision would like to remind you that these accounts follow the “Use It or Lose It” rule (meaning you must use the entire amount in your healthcare flexible spending account by the end of each plan year or grace period - any funds you don’t use will be forfeited1). 

Using your flexible spending account dollars on contact lenses is a great way to save money this holiday season.  Why not indulge yourself with CooperVision’s highly breathable, naturally wettable Biofinity contact lenses?   Stocking up with CooperVision’s luxurious Biofinity contact lenses will prove for a comfortable and clear start to your new year.  What are the holidays without a little self-indulgence anyway? Contact your eye care practitioner and use your flex spending dollars to stock up on Biofinity lenses today!

To find a practitioner nearest you please click here.

Happy holidays from everyone at CooperVision!


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