Contacts For Sports

Posted by CooperVision on Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Patients who are athletes may be wondering about contacts for sports. This is because having optimum vision while playing sports is essential. However, not all athletes want to wear eyeglasses while playing sports. With the possibility of glasses falling off during play, fogging up, or just being clunky under protective eyewear, a good alternative for athletes is contact lenses. Here are some key advantages to wearing contacts for sports:

  • Wider Field of Peripheral Vision: Wearing contact lenses for sports can help athletes by giving them a wider field of peripheral vision. Most prescription eyeglasses have small, relatively flat lenses and small frames that can obstruct an athlete’s field of vision. With contact lenses, athletes don’t have to worry about a limited field of peripheral vision.
  • Less Vision Distortion:Eyeglass lenses can distort an athlete’s field of vision. With contact lenses, athletes get a more natural vision versus the possible changes in image sizes that eyeglasses sometimes produce.
  • More Vision Stability:Eyeglasses can slip around during sports activities. This can cause a disturbance in vision. There is also the chance that glasses can fall off of an athlete’s face too. With contact lenses, there is less vision disturbance.
  • Less Chance of Injury: If an athlete takes a hit to the face, his/her eyeglasses can break. There is a greater chance of having an eye injury if this happens. With contact lenses, athletes don’t have to worry about eye injuries. In fact, with contact lenses, athletes can wear a broader array of protective eyewear in order to prevent eye injuries from sports.

Even if patients prefer wearing eyeglasses at other times, contact lenses may be a good option for occasional wear during sports activities. There are a variety of different contact lens options for every patient. CooperVision even offers a Find Lens quiz that patients can take so that patients can decide what lens is right for them.

Q & A with Heather O'Reilly

Posted by CooperVision on Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heather O'Reilly, gold-medal winning soccer star and our teen contact lens spokesperson, recently sat down with Teen Vogue to answer their Q & A session. They talked soccer, nutrition, fitness, and style. When asked if she has any tips for Teen Vogue readers looking to stay in shape, Heather mentions the importance of keeping yourself motivated and also ensuring you have the right gear:

"I would definitely recommend trying new activities until you find something that you really enjoy.  Then, make a goal sheet for yourself.  I find that it really motivates me when I make small goals and then accomplish then.  It could be 3 jogs per week.  It could be 200 sit ups before bed.  Stay disciplined, and it will give you confidence when you accomplish your goals. Also, make sure that you have the proper gear.  I've teamed up with CooperVision and on the Contact Sports program to teach teens that healthy vision can help improve their sports performance.  When I was a teen, I realized that I needed contact lenses.  After wearing them, my game improved. Taking care of your general health, like nutrition and eye care can be very important to help you play your best. Teens can visit to apply for a "Gear Up Grant" until 9/30 for a chance at $2,500 towards essential sports gear, and even free CooperVision contacts."

To access the full interview, please click here.

To learn more about Heather O'Reilly and MyContactSports, please click here.

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