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Maintaining Patient Comfort and Fit

Posted by CooperVision on Tuesday, April 10, 2012

As an eye care professional, ensuring that your patient is comfortable and fitted correctly in a contact lens is essential. One of the main reasons that patients stop wearing contact lenses is because of discomfort. Eye care professionals can prevent contact lens dropout in their practices by maintaining patient comfort and fit.

However, there are patients that may be hard to fit. Finding the perfect fit with multifocal and toric contact lenses can take more time than with traditional spherical contact lenses. Fortunately, CooperVision offers a variety of tips and tools for eye care professionals , especially for hard to fit contact lens patients. Make sure to take advantage of our free fitting tips, tools, and resources in order to maximize fitting effectiveness and your practice’s efficiency:

  • Lens Locator: helps eye care professionals locate CooperVision lenses by prescription, schedule, or modality.
  • ToriTrak Calculator: helps eye care professionals use the most accurate method of fitting our toric contact lenses and is designed to eliminate errors in estimating lens rotation.
  • MultiTrak Calculator: eye care professionals can calculate multifocal lens parameters directly from a spectacle prescription or an over-refraction, using lens-on-eye information.

    CooperVision also offers additional resources like fitting consultants. Sign up for a My CooperVision account for exclusive access to all of these tools for your practice. Make sure to follow us @CooperVision on Twitter and like us on our Facebook ECP Timeline for the most current content on ways to help build your practice.

Prescribing For Astigmatism

Posted by CooperVision on Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For eye care professionals, fitting contact lenses for patients with astigmatism can be challenging. However, the challenges can be worth the effort for some patients. Select astigmatic patients may benefit from contact lenses that can offer better vision than eyeglasses. Contact lenses may provide clearer vision and a wider field of view than eye glasses.

Soft contact lenses conform to the shape of the eye; which means that standard soft lenses may not seem effective in correcting astigmatism. But special toric soft contact lenses are available to provide a correction for many types of astigmatism. In fact, even patients who have low astigmatism (0.75DC to 1.00DC) benefit visually when fitted with toric soft lenses instead of with spherical soft lenses. A recent study reported that up to 30% of astigmatic patients reported that they had not tried toric soft lenses because their eye care practitioner did not recommend them. One reason why eye care practitioners shy away from prescribing toric lenses for low astigmatic patients is because they believe that patients can tolerate a constant slight blur from a spherical lens better than a sporadic blur from a rotationally unstable toric lens. So how do eye care professionals ensure the best fit for toric lenses on their astigmatic patients?

The key is that eye care practitioners are consistent with their fits. CooperVision offers eye care practitioner tools such as a ToriTrak Calculator , which can help eye care practitioners fit their astigmatic patients. It is the most accurate method of fitting our toric contact lenses and is designed to eliminate errors in estimating lens rotation. Make sure to register for other fitting tools here and to follow us on Twitter @CooperVision for more information.

Free Webinar On Building Your Practice With Daily Disposables

Posted by CooperVision on Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Are you interested in building your practice? Make sure to register for the first webinar in a three part series called Your Practice in Focus. This webinar series will be in partnership with and will focus on important topics and trends that will help eye care practitioners build their practices. Make sure to attend all three if you can!

The first webinar in the series will be Building Your Practice With Daily Disposables. Daily disposable lenses have many advantages over other lens modalities. However, making 1-Days a significant part of your contact lens practice can be tough. This webinar, hosted by Dr. Kerry Gelb, will offer concrete and practical advice on how to boost 1-Day usage in order to make this modality a large portion of your contact lens practice. Specifically, Dr. Gelb will discuss:
  • Advantages of One Days
  • Patient Compliance with 1-Days vs. other modalities
  • Overcoming a patient's financial concerns with 1-Days
  • Trends in Market Share & Growth and how to leverage these in your practice
  • A discussion of the greater acceptance of 1-Day modality
  • Make sure to register for this exciting webinar here .

Helping Patients Find The Right Contact Lens

Posted by CooperVision on Friday, February 24, 2012

As an eye care professional, it is important to consider a variety of factors when recommending the right contact lens. Asking a patient questions such as whether or not he or she has an active lifestyle, works long hours, or even considering a patient’s age are all part of the contact lens selection process. Patients are also starting to become more involved in the process as well. So how does an eye care professional take all of these factors into consideration and relay that information clearly to the patient? Here are some questions every eye care professional should ask :

Does The Patient Have Special Needs?: First, patients need to know more about their special needs. Does the patient have astigmatism? Is the patient a candidate for multifocal lenses? Since these special needs require special lenses such as toric lenses or multifocal lenses, having a patient understand what their needs are will guide them to the right contact lenses. CooperVision has a great YouTube channel resource that can help patients learn more about astigmatism, presbyopia, and multifocal lenses if they want to learn more about their special needs.

What Are The Patient’s Lifestyle Habits?: Learning about how a patient spends a typical day, how long a patient expects to wear contact lenses through the course of the day, or even lifestyle activities can help an eye care professional recommend a contact lens. For example, if an eye care professional learns that a patient may occasionally sleep with their contact lenses in, then the recommendation may differ from a patient who will remove the lenses daily before bed. Once a patient has had their eye exam, it may be helpful to guide patients to a simple quiz about what contact lens would be right for them .

For more information on other eye care topics, feel free to browse our previous On Eye blog posts.

Post to your Facebook Fan page on the Go

Posted by CooperVision on Thursday, December 15, 2011

There are currently over 800 million active Facebook users.  Of those 800 million, almost half access Facebook on a mobile device.* Mobile posting will allow postings to be more spontaneous and original, which may allow the personality of your practice to shine through on your wall.  Fans may be more inclined to interact with a mobile post because of its uniqueness.  Posting photos on your mobile device is simple and highly recommended; whether it is a photo of a hard-working optician, a new frame line, new technology in the office or a fun holiday photo.  Interaction is important when it comes to the credibility of your page, keep this in mind when posting.  Surprisingly posting to your fan page wall on a mobile Facebook app is often times confusing.  There is an easier way to post to your Facebook fan page! Follow the steps below to post to your Facebook fan page using your mobile device (you will need an email-capable device):

  1. You will first need to retrieve an assigned email address from your Facebook business page. 
    1. To do this go to your Facebook fan page, click the grey “edit page” button located in the top right hand side of your page.
    2. Click on the “Mobile” option in the list of options on the left hand side of your browser.                                                                                                  
    3. Save the listed email address under the “With Mobile Email” section into your contacts for future posting.
  2. Compose an email to the saved email address.
  3. Enter the status you would like to have published to your wall into the subject section of the email, be sure leave the body of the email blank.  Attach a photo to the email if you wish to post a photo to the wall of your page.  Please note that many phones will allow you to email a photo straight from your image library, you may do this; just be sure to include a caption in the subject line of the drafted email.
  4. Send the email to the saved address and you have successfully posted to your page via mobile device!

*According to Facebook Statistics, there are over 800 million users worldwide on the social network.  Over 350 million users are accessing Facebook via mobile devices (11/11).

Building Your Practice on Facebook

Posted by CooperVision on Tuesday, November 22, 2011
Utilizing free social media tools can help you increase your practice’s online landscape and search-ability. Log In or Register to view our tips on how to optimize your Facebook fan page.

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Direct to Patient Delivery

Posted by CooperVision on Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Offer your patients another reason to love your practice with the convenience of at-home delivery of their contact lenses. CooperDirect™ is an easy-to-use program that will ship your patients’ lenses to their home or office, saving both you and your patients’ time.

CooperDirect can be used with both annual supply and Rx individual lenses and offers free shipping with the purchase of four or more multipacks*. For more information, please visit our website.

*Free of charge shipping for Direct Patient Delivery applies to orders for a one year supply of contact lenses. Orders shipped directly to the patient for a smaller quantity are subject to a shipping charge.

Online Ordering at

Posted by CooperVision on Friday, October 21, 2011

Placing an order is easy at Are you new to online ordering at CooperVision? Register today and start receiving these benefits:

·         Place all product orders including Direct to Patient Delivery

·         Check the status of your orders and product banks

·         Look up and print previous invoices and credits

·         Print return forms

Registering at also gives you 24/7 access to account-specific information like your top products, remaining trial lens balance and current locked in pricing. Sign up today!

Fitting Tips & Tools to Help Build Your Practice

Posted by CooperVision on Thursday, September 29, 2011
Finding the perfect fit with multifocal and toric contact lenses can take more time than with the traditional spherical contact lens. Maximize your fitting effectiveness and practice efficiency by taking advantage of our free fitting tips, tools, and resources, including:

Lens Locator - search for CooperVision lenses by prescription, schedule, and modality
Profitability Calculator - see the difference that fitting CooperVision contact lenses can make in your practice
ToriTrack Calculator - the most accurate method of fitting CooperVision toric contact lenses
MultiTrack Calculator - calculate multifocal contact lens parameters easily with this convenient tool
Fitting Consultants - a group of highly trained specialists dedicated to helping you and your staff fit our multifocal and specialty lenses

*Note: you will need to be logged into your MyCooperVision account to access these free fitting tips and tools. Not yet a member? Register for access to up-to-date practice specific information and more!

Free Multifocal Webinar - Keeping Up with the Multifocal Market

Posted by CooperVision on Wednesday, September 21, 2011
Did you miss last week's free multifocal webinar on Jason Miller, OD, MBA, FAAO led a one hour discussion on the clinical and practice management aspects of fitting progressive lenses, with an interactive Question & Answer session immediately following. Log In or Register to access the entire recorded webinar.

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