CooperVision Course at Optometry's Meeting Addresses Needs of ODs Fitting Multifocal Contacts

Posted by CooperVision on Friday, September 2, 2011
To celebrate the launch of Biofinity Multifocal, the latest addition to the Biofinity family of contact lenses, we hosted two live multifocal fitting workshops at this year's Optometry's Meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah. AOA News recently published an article detailing the workshops, including audience member feedback. Read an excerpt here:

As many Optometry’s Meeting® attendees discovered, seeing really is believing when it comes to fitting multifocal contact lenses. A CooperVision-sponsored course in the Discovery Theater this June in Salt Lake City demonstrated that fitting multifocal lenses is not difficult. Mark Andre, Don Siegel, O.D., and Harvard Sylvan, O.D., presented “Seeing is Believing: A Live Multifocal Workshop,” which included the fitting of presbyopic patients with little or no previous multifocal experience.

“I have to admit that although I have been in practice for many years I still have reservations about fitting patients with soft multifocal contacts,” said Joe Martin, O.D., a course attendee. “It just seems to take too much time and the visual outcomes are often disappointing. So the live fitting of patients in the Discovery Theater drew my interest as the description indicated that the session would demonstrate that fitting multifocals is not time consuming or complicated.”

Nazanin Galehdari, O.D., a local practitioner from Salt Lake City, performed the refractions and eye health evaluations on the patients who were fit at these sessions. Biofinity Multifocals were not fit on any of these patients prior to being fit in the Discovery Theater. The first patient was a 46-year-old woman who was a -3.75 myope with a +1.50 add and was wearing a competitor’s soft multifocal contact lens. The second patient was a 58-year-old woman who was a +1.00 hyperope with a +2.25 add and was wearing monovision-configured contact lenses.

“The responses from the patients were unsolicited, and yet each one enthusiastically stated that the comfort and vision were excellent,” said Dr. Martin. “They both left very satisfied with the lenses and had appointments made with Dr. Galehdari for their follow-up care. Both patients were fit in almost the same timeframe as a sphere patient.”

Read the full article here. For more information on Biofinity Multifocal, please click here. Do you have a Biofinity Multifocal success story you want to share? We want to hear it! Email us at and we may feature you in an upcoming blog post.


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