Denial and the New Fountain of Youth

Posted by Jeff Machemer on Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When it comes to aging, most of us would be thrilled to find the fountain of youth. One of the telltale signs of aging is the newfound need for glasses for near vision tasks such as reading. Around the age of 38 to 42, most of us experience some difficulty with small print, fine near vision tasks and late day eye fatigue. The exact age of onset often depends on the extent to which we require our eyes to focus at near and intermediate distance for extended periods of time in our vocation or avocation.

This time period coincides with the transition of young adults moving into the middle age group. It is very common for people in this transitional time of life to deny or delay the need for vision correction in fear of appearing older. So how do you find the fountain of youth when it comes to your eyesight?

First, acceptance of the aging process and the need for some assistance with near vision is not submission or resignation; it’s simply a way to maintain eye comfort, health and performance. We don’t seem to have concern with a knee brace for hiking or an elbow brace for tennis, so why is the correction for the early symptoms of presbyopia such a concern?

Second, explore your options! Did you know there are contact lenses made specifically for those in the early stages of presbyopia? The Proclear line of contact lenses from CooperVision has multiple options for all stages of presbyopia – eliminating the need for reading glasses or bifocals!

We tend to associate bifocals with “old age” or note that someone who pulls out reading glasses looks “distinguished”. Here are two suggestions to help you find that fountain of youth: First, discuss your concerns with your eye care professional. They can test and determine if there is a need. Second, if there is a need, ask about a contact lens product called Proclear EP by CooperVision. It is designed to eliminate the need for reading glasses or bifocal glasses while providing excellent comfort and vision at all ranges.
Why should we consider this cure for denial? Simple, it will improve your visual performance and keep you comfortably in the race. Who has to know?


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