Dr. Glazier and CooperVision Help Student Get Contacts in Time for Prom

Posted by Dr. Alan Glazier on Thursday, May 27, 2010

Prom season is upon us! This is a popular time for contact lens fittings. Dr. Alan Glazier from Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care in Rockville, Maryland, recently encountered a patient with a difficult to fit prescription and the prom was only a week away. Luckily, Dr. Glazier's CooperVision representative, Brian Christie, was there to remind him that CooperVision contacts are available in a wide range of parameters, including the particular prescription the patient needed. Below is an excerpt from Dr. Glazier's blog:

 I would like to share a story, a story with a happy ending.  It involves helping a young patient of mine last week.  Imagine this – you are a 17 year old senior – prom is less than a week away – you are being fit for contact lenses – you have a difficult contact lens prescription, the first few visits the lenses didn’t work for one reason or another and frustration is mounting as you wonder if contact lenses exist that may work for you.   Because of your high prescription your lenses aren’t in stock at the doctors office. To make matters worse, and the doctor might not even be able to get the contact lenses shipped before the big day!

One of my 17 year old patient’s and a friend’s daughter found herself in this exact situation.  Due to her extremely nearsighted prescription, the companies that offered soft disposable contact lenses in her prescription range were few, typically not in stock at the doctors office and needed to be ordered and shipped.  With the narrow window of time before prom, there was no guarantee the lenses would arrive in time.

Fortunately, the representative from one of the leading contact lens manufacturers, CooperVision (Brian Christie) overheard some of the conversation.  CooperVision had recently expanded the parameters of trial contact lenses they provided to doctors offices, including extremely high powered lenses.  Brian reminded the technicians at Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care that he had days ago stocked the high powered trial lenses my anxious young patient needed.   CooperVisions extremely comfortable Proclear brand’s parameters were expanded to include powers high enough for almost any myopic prescription.

Sure enough, there they were.  Dr. Glazier proceeded to fit the Proclear soft contact lenses. The Monthly disposable lenses fit my patient beautifully, gave her perfect 20/20 vision and she left with a smile from ear to ear, comforted in the knowledge that she would see well at her one and only senior prom.

Top takeaways:    Encourage your children and teenagers to get their eyes checked regularly, especially when wearing contact lenses.  Parents who don’t suspect any problems with their childrens eyes should have them checked by age 4 at the latest.  If there is a pressing need for contact lenses, give yourself a two week leadtime, and for glasses at least 10 days.

Thank you Brian Christie and CooperVision!


Check out CooperVisions excellent website http://www.mycontactsports.com to learn more about how contact lenses can help improve your game and watch a video featuring soccer star Heather O'Reilly

Courtesy of the Doctors at Shady Grove Eye and Vision Care; Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and Opticians serving the Rockville, Potomac and Gaithersburg Maryland suburbs of Washington DC.  For more information visit youreyesite.com



To read more about Dr. Glazier, visit his blog or follow his Twitter feed. To read more about Proclear, the CooperVision contact lenses featured in this story, click here.


5/27/2010 4:39:52 PM #

I was happy to help Dr. Glazier fit this highly myopic patient the same day with Proclear lenses - which has such an impressive range of +20.00D to -20.00D without being "made to order". The patient was so happy to be able to wear contacts to her prom. I wish I could be there to see her friends' reaction when they see her new look Smile

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