Should I Get Contact Lenses?

Posted by CooperVision on Monday, April 2, 2012
Eye care patients may wonder: “Should I get contact lenses?” Eye care practitioners can help guide a patient to what works best for them, but there are some well known advantages of wearing contact lenses. Here are a few reasons that patients should consider when deciding to make the switch to contact lenses:

1)You See Better: With contact lenses, there is no loss of peripheral vision and there is a wider field of vision.

2)You Look Better: No matter how stylish eyeglasses are, the thickness of the lenses still can alter the size and shape of how eyes look. This means a distortion of how a person’s eyes look or even a distortion of a female wearer’s eye makeup. With contact lenses, it is hard to detect if a wearer is even wearing them. Contact lenses give wearers a more natural appearance.

3)You Feel Better: Wearing eyeglasses can literally be a pain. From ear strain to nose pinching, eyeglasses can cause discomfort. Eyeglass wearers have to worry about their frames falling off their face or even being pulled off by children. They also have to worry about their lenses fogging up or their lenses being distorted from rain drops in certain weather conditions. Wearing contact lenses means not having to worry about any of these things.

4)You Are Free To Be Active: Can you imagine playing any sport with eyeglasses? While it can be possible, it is a lot more difficult than it has to be. Imagine playing a sport like tennis with eyeglasses. There is a risk of eyeglasses falling off, getting broken, and even a loss of necessary peripheral vision. With contact lenses, patients have the freedom to be more active.

5)You Are Free To A Wider Array Of Sunglasses: Patients who wear eyeglasses are limited in terms of UV protection for their eyes. They will have to limit themselves to an additional pair of prescription sunglasses which can be limited, or find a pair that will fit over their eyeglasses. If a patient wears contact lenses, the patient can wear the latest sunglasses without ever having to worry about a prescription.

While these are just some reasons for contact lenses, there are plenty of other personal reasons for switching to contact lenses. For more information about locating an eye care professional who fits contact lenses, make sure to locate one with our Find A Practitioner locator .


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